Friday, January 02, 2004

And a Happy New Year

And a Happy New Year
As e'r it could be
With my wassailing bowl, I drink to thee!

Happy New Year to all....

Had bro-fest, as it were. Joel and Dawn, Tom and Betty. Jeff called to chime in, and Ryan & Kristy, along with Deb, Daryl, and his friend John came over. Kevin, Brian, and his friend Keith were in and out. Had an outdoor fire and tiki torches on the deck. We had Southwest Shepherd's pie (kind of like tamale pie). Margaritas. Midnight came as expected, and we stayed up talking until... oh... almost 2:00.

My new HP 1210v printer/scanner/copier went back to Walmart today. The scanning was lousy. Had thin, horizontal lighter bands all through the scans. Not acceptable. HP Technical support was not paying attention to what I was telling them. I told them it printed just fine, but it scanned lousy -- and how. They said the print cartridges were probably clogged. Really? And it still prints great but the scanning sucks? Do tell! I clarified the symptoms, and they said the glass was dirty. On my brand new PSC? Mighty regular dirt pattern on that glass. I gave up. Their tech support is lousy.

So I got my money back and went to Sam's where they have the 1210xi for $12 less. I've read great reviews on these things... I figure the first one I got was defective. To get past possible problems with a lot shipped to Walmart I figured a different store and a different model number would do the trick. We'll see tonight.

Also our DVD player fritzed out. Vicki went out and got a new one. Man, have they come down in price.

Guess we'll down the Christmas decorations this weekend. Go see LOTR III again. And there's a couple others Vicki wants to see as well.

Oh, last night some guys came by with a pickup full of wood and offered to sell a "woodrack" full for $45. Probably 1/3 cord at the most... but it was convenient and not green so I bit. Now we have enough to burn this winter without digging into the green stuff and it can season this summer.

Well, better get going.