Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wierd Dream

I had a really strange dream last night where Vicki and I were at a wedding reception that was outside where we sat at picnic tables. They had apparently hired Johnny Mathis to sing for them -- I don't know, to entertain the guests at the reception. He was sitting at our table singing songs without accompaniment. Very strange.

He launched into "Moon River" ... and Vicki and I started singing along, only we were singing the words my brother Chris made up to it when we were kids, and we were both laughing our butts off, and Mr. Mathis just kept singing though he was looking at us funny.

"Moon River
Wider than a mile
I'd love to see that crocodile
And when he goes
Down the aisle
He eats my file
And jumps into a pile
Of food
That dumb crocodile"
Hey. We were wierd kids. Guess we grew up to be wierd adults, too :-P