Thursday, January 27, 2011


The other day, it hit me.  Being a grandpa is a lot like being a superhero.  That is, if you're doing it right. Love, trust, and he thinks I can do anything. There's nothing I can't fix in his little mind. Which, from his point of view ... that's probably what it looks like.

I came home from work, and my little grandson was already there.  I opened the door, and I hear this little "Pop is here!  Pop is here!  Pop is here!  .... Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!!!!!"

He came careening down the hallway and hugged my right leg, pressing one of his little cheeks into my thigh and closing his eyes tightly.

Then it was down to business.  "I need you to help me get the TRAIN back on the TRACK!  I need you to fix it!  The coupler is broken and I need you to fix it!  Come on, Pop!" and he led me excitedly back to the living room where the little n-scale train set is.

I don't have the added association of being a daily giver of discipline with the dissapointment and begrudgement that engenders.   Plus I have the luxury of distracting him when he asks for something I can't give him.  Typically, a few hours later when he remembers he wants it, he'll be with mommy and daddy again.

But it's important for kids to have heroes, and I hope I can live up to it as he grows older.