Friday, August 08, 2003

Busy doin' nothing

Well the biggest news past is that our neighbors (the abusive guy and his girlfriend) moved out, and a couple of frat boys moved in. They seem ok -- one of them's a bit of a hothead, but after the downright unfriendly people they're replacing, it's an improvement. Bad thing is between the two of them they have three cars. One of them the owner only uses for long trips -- then he has his slick-o Z car he parks in the driveway.

Now it's customary in neighborhoods like ours to park your cars in your driveway/garage or in front of your house. Since we moved here, I took a parking place at the end of our driveway in front of our house and let Vicki have the driveway. Well the last neighbors -- the guy decided my customary place was 'his' and 'squatted' it all the time. It was easy because he didn't have a job. Where I'm going is that these guys have taken the nearest two parking spaces to my house -- the one I usually use, and the one next to it. One is the car that rarely gets used. The other is the hot-head undergrad. I'm hoping we can work out some sort of neighborly agreement in which the undergrad parks his car in front of their house (novel idea) and the car that doesn't get used much gets parked in front of ours but further down.

A kind of a lousy thing about where our house is on the street is that our bedroom window is low (the house is sunken) and it's right in front of a part of the street that was made for perpendicular parking (lights towards the bedroom window) -- it was meant for visitors, mostly but by law it's a city street and of course anyone can park anywhere they want for 24 hours.

I'm hoping we can get these guys over to on of our cookouts and beer fests and get to know them -- my philosophy is that neighbors who know each other are more likely to be considerate of each other.

Going to the State Fair tomorrow.... first one I'll have ever been to. Main reason is to see Crosby, Stills, and Nash BUT -- it'll be fun to go to a state fair anyway.

So I'll let you know how it goes.