Thursday, August 26, 2004

Go fast enough to get there, but slow enough to see

moderation seems to be the key

Well - haven't said much lately, have I?

Since my last posting, we have been to the State Fair -- milled around a bit, soaked in the sights, sounds, and smells. Had the requisite
  • corn dog
  • funnel cake
  • cotton candy
and fried green tomatoes to boot (they were good!). Looked at Conservation Department displays, a dalhia competition, 4-H crafts, art (photo, paint, charcoal, etc). We checked out the Midway (rides) but didn't go on any ($4 to ride a ferris wheel? And they weren't big like the one last year, either). We ate at the Pork Chop Place -- $6.50 foor a decent dinner. Good pork chops (well, one would hope, eh? ;-) ) And we checked out the milk cows and milk cow competitors' culture. Interesting. Talked to some people about "beefalo" (17%-37% buffalo, the rest "beef" -- apparently their grazing requirements are lower since they can digest rougher food).

Brian and Carrie showed up later. We had Carrie's cell phone so we could meet somehwere. They showed up around 7:00. Carrie wanted to go straight to the petting zoo, and we did. By the time we were done there, Vickster and I were tired and went home.

Also bought a new washing machine (oh, the excitement). It was delivered Tuesday. Yesterday, Vicki's cousin Jim (Paul's brother) and his wife Barbara stopped in Columbia on a cross-country RV trip and came to dinner. Brian and Kevin came over with their respective women. They brought food to contribute! I think this is a first. Well, they're both out of school now.

It was funny, the night before I went to HyVee to pick up some stuff for dinner, and as I walked in the door I heard "PHIL!!!" from behind me... Brian and Carrie had just pulled up in Brian's truck. Later I ran into them in the store and was talking to them, when here come Kevin and Adriane. Nobody told me it was family reunion night at HyVee.

Anyway, we had a very good time with Jim and Carol. They are a nice couple. They're both retired from the music department at UNLV. And they live in the Nevada mountains 40 miles outside of Las Vegas. (thankyouverymuuuuuch)

It's hot and humid. I think we should get a pass from hot and humid weather for the rest of the summer since we haven't been acclimated to it this late in the year. It's just not fair. But, it's supposed to cool off again for the weekend (Whooo-Hooo!!!!!!!).

We'll be heading to the K.C. Irish Fest over Labor Day weekend. Cami's the art director for it this year, and we haven't seen them or the kids since June. We won't be seeing much of Cami, but Bobby and GiGi are coming up from Dallas as well as another of Cami's Dallas friends. I'll bring the guitar. Play some with Muerco. We'll BBQ. We'll feign Irishness (technically I have like 1/16 Irish in me, I think). So I guess Kevin will have to take care of Mia. Ha.

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