Friday, October 22, 2004

Guitars Strings and Redbirds

Whoooo hooooo!!!!! Cardinals goin' to the series! First time since I got out of College.

Put new strings on the Alvarez yesterday. I splurged and went for the Exilir Phosphor-Bronze. Very bright. Nice sound. The "G" string had been buzzing, though I'm not sure why. It wasn't buzzing on a fret. But something on the guitar would buzz when I plucked it. The strings had been on there since last winter, at least.

Going out to Dad's new place tomorrow to help out with some chicken coop doors and the like so he can move his animules out there.

Election is coming up. This is not a political blog -- but I'm going to let you know, in case you need more input. I'm votin' for Bush. Here's the biggest of the many reasons why, if you're interested.

Have a great weekend!

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