Tuesday, June 21, 2005

In Which My Faith in Mankind Gets Dented... again

Friday Night, June 10

I got my little ion stove and cook kit out and set about making dinner. Boil water, add instant beans and rice, a little cajun seasoning, and some dried texturized vegetable protien I brought along as a convenient dried protien source. Tastes like CHICK-ken. Riiight. Tastes about like whatever you add it to, but it feels like chicken.

Got my tent and everything set up and backpack hung up just as it got dark. I went to bed.

There were some people who had pulled in the campsite across the road from where I was. It was a camper/pickup. They were playing country music at a reasonable volume before I hiked over, and I could not hear it from my campsite.

That all changed when darkness fell. A few other vehicles showed up, the music went up, and the drinking commenced accompanied by loots of hooting and hollering and this obNOXious Butthead-esque laugh track from one guy that went .... on .... for ... the ... next ... five ... hours.

I didnt' sleep. They were echoing all over the valley. But unlike in a National Park campsite, there's nobody to enforce any rules. About 2:00, I'd had enough. I was kind of cold anyway. The rain and low-lying bog had left the place damp, and I'm sure it got down into the mid 30's. I threw my clothes back on, hiked back across the bog, and slept (sort of) in my car with David and Steve Gordon music going until about 6:00 am. They all went to bed around 2:00, but I'd made my decision and I wasn't going back.

I got quite cold and actually whipped out the emergency blanket... which helped. My feet got cold. But I did get some sleep.

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