Wednesday, July 19, 2006

It's too darned hot!

I shouldn't complain. It's been a pretty nice summer so far, temperature-wise. But this week with heat indicies well over 100 degrees and actual ambient air tempatures either flirting with or hitting the 100 degree mark... I have just one word.


My car's in the shop this week getting the dent fixed and new front tires. We're staying indoors as much as possible. The big news is that Aunt Pat stopped at our oasis on her way back from Colorado and we had a nice visit. I'm afraid we wore her out Saturday & Sunday, though, as she & Sam went golfing. In the heat. We actually went with them Sunday. First time I'd ever been on a golf course. Eh. I could enjoy it I suppose. Definitely on a cooler day. But I played paparatzi and took photos instead. Imagine that.

Sam took this one of Aunt Pat and me, which turned out pretty nice I think.

Other than the golf, our visit was pretty low-key. But that's kinda the way we are, normally. Vicki and Aunt Pat played cards & dominoes, and we talked. Sat out on the deck in the evenings for "Cocktail Hour" (hey, I think I'm going to like retirement ... but that's a ways off).

She left yesterday morning, after a scare with Dad (her brother) -- he thought maybe he had another leg blood clot, but apparently it's just complications from his valve problem in his legs. His blood thickness test came back fine. So I guess chinese silkworm stomach enzymes DO work.

We've decided on, probably, the Maroon Bells/Snowmass Wilderness area this September -- going to go see the mountains with their Aspens on. Might be a little nippy at night, so I'm thinking about maybe one of those catalytic tent heaters. Still need to find a good camping location there.

In other news, I'm having a little dispute with an Ebay seller over a replacement cell phone I ordered over a month ago. Their feedback is generally very good. I did note that the negative comments seem to be poor communication when the product is defective. Well mine was defective, and I'm experiencing the same thing. I shipped it back to them. I used the post office's Track & Confirm. Post Office said it was delivered almost a month ago. They say they don't have it and want me to get proof that the post office delivered it to the correct address.

Now I suppose it is possible that they did not, but that possibility is extremely remote. Judging by their carelessness in correspondence (ignoring several emails over the past two weeks), I think it's much more likely that they got it and misplaced it. At any rate, I'm out $66 if they don't agree that they got it, I guess. Even if I did insure it, as far as the post office is concerned it was delivered, so it wouldn't matter.

So if it doesn't work out, I guess the lesson is get signature confirmation on these things. But I was unhappy enough about having to pay return postage on it, much less add on signature confirmation.

Well, stay tuned on that one.

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  1. Hey cutie,

    You are doing a great job of keeping up with your blog. We did have a good time didn't we? A BIG thank you to both you and Vicki. I really enjoyed my time with you both!