Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Gone Wireless

Yup. Finally broke down and got a wireless router. The old laptop upstairs can now play music off of the big hard drive down here over the stereo in the living room -- or ... it can play streaming audio directly from the web.

The Thanksgiving travel is over. Winter is on it's way. Actually, after a week in the 60's, big changes are in store tomorrow night. They're talking about highs around 30 and lows over the weekend from 9-13 degrees. Real live winter.

I have the lights up and ready to go outside. I was going to wait until the weekend to turn them on -- but with snow forecast for Thursday, I probably won't be able to resist turning them on early. Well it WILL be Nov 30.

I'm about to flash my MP3 player up to the latest firmware, but it will wipe out all the music on it, so I have to back it up first. So I need a good 22 GB of free space to do that. But when I'm done no special drivers will be needed for it for XP. Plus there are a couple of little quirks I hope it addresses. I think I'll use MediaMonkey to reorganize the files while they're on the hard drive. Go with a naming convention and all. Yeah....

Lee's got me trying A Soalin' again on the guitar this year. It's kind of a carol. Christmas-esque. It's the most complex piece I've ever attempted. Yeah, I'm still having trouble with it. But it sounds so cool. I'm starting to break out more of the Christmas tunes to practice as well.

Brian & Kevin's grand opening of their new home security& sound business is this weekend -- but I'll be out in Cooper Hill, so Vicki will have to "represent". Going out to Mom & Dad's Saturday to put up some metal siding on the goat milking shed. So it's an excuse to get my rechargable drill battery replaced. It wouldn't hold a charge, and it'll need to on Saturday. Fifty bucks! I'm not sure the drill cost any more than that to begin with.

Oh, we went over to Brian & Kristin's last friday night. Her parents & brother Brian (not to be confused with her husband Brian) had come up for Saturday's football game vs. Kansas. Mizzou won handily -- and they were supposed to lose handily.... so I guess that helped make up for a couple of sloppy losses. They had lost 4 out of their last 5 before that. Anyway, we had a good time just yammering up a storm and watching the end of Shrek II. They're really nice folks (I think I've mentioned that before) and a lot of fun to boot.

Bart continues to behave just barely well enough to survive. I cut a bigger door for him to get to the litter box, and at least while Mom was here he wasn't even pooping at the bottom of the stairs anymore.

But just in case we missed it, he left us a nice present down there when we took her back.

Danged cat. And here he is just purring and looking at me.

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