Sunday, November 04, 2007


I haven't posted this yet because, well, at first, I needed to let them tell all the people they wanted to tell first before I posted it for all to read... but I'm going to be a Grandpa next April.

Brian and Kristin are going to have a baby. A boy, as it turns out.

We found out a couple of months ago after Kristin got suspicious and took a pregnancy test. She tried her parents, but they were out of the country. So she called Vicki. She was happy, shocked, scared, upset ... all rolled up into one Kristin.

Well a week or so ago they came over and presented us with a bag. In it was a blue blanket. And two blue bibs. One said "I love my Grandma". The other said "I love my Grandpa". Both blue as well. And they brought the ultrasound pictures with the evidence.

You could see the little tiny brain (there's no top on the skull yet) and the spine and pretty much all the makings of a tiny human being. Oh, and that, too. The thing that identifies him as a boy.

They're still tossing names around, but they're leaning toward Benjamin or Trenton at this time.

So we're all pretty excited, and of course lots of help will be forthcoming from us and Ken and of course John and Pam. They have a wide support net.

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