Friday, October 10, 2008

A wedding in KC

Last weekend we shuttled off to Kansas City to see Cami's friend Coleen (that's /koh-leen/) get married to Steve, who we'd met at Mark & Cami's holiday party last year. Vicki had met Coleen at at another ladies party a couple of years ago. I'd met her at a BBQ at the Lipsky's place last summer, I think. Nice woman. Smart. Pretty. We were glad to see her find such a nice guy.

We went to the kids' football game Saturday morning. Cassie and Nathanial are on the same team. The Cardinals. All of the teams have "Official" NFL-ware jerseys. Their team is the Cardinals... of Arizona fame. Of course, when I was growing up near St. Louis in the 70's and early 80's ... they were the St. Louis Cardinals, and they had no more avid fan than I. Jim Hart was my hero. Pat Tilley. Mel Grey. Roger Wherli. Dan Dierdorf. And yes, Dobler and the always exciting Terry Metcalf. Exciting because you never knew if he was going to bust one for 60 yards or fumble the ball on any given play. But I digress.

Unfortunately, they were playing the Saints, and the Saints had a little boy on their team who was apparently the son of a former Kansas City Chiefs... running back, I think... and the kid scored on every end-around they ran. It was like 42-7 or something like that. But they seemed to be having fun, and that's what it's all about, right?

Mark and I played a little guitar when we got back, and Vicki and Cami went off to see if Vicki could find something different to wear to the wedding. She brought a purple top and a black skirt which looked fine, but she wanted something a bit more ... autumn themed. Mark grilled up some lunch and we sat out on the driveway by the grill and talked and had a few beers on a beautiful October afternoon. It was one of those periods of just a few hours when you're not doing anything in particular but life is grand because of where you are and who you're with.

The wedding ... which was really just a reception for us because the ceremony was private and tiny -- was at a KC BBQ place, and didn't really last long. We were there from about 7-10, and by the time we got home we were all bushed and went to bed.

We wanted to get back to Columbia in time to do a few things (like fix the leak in the firewall on the right side of my car), so we took off around noon.

I did get my car fixed ... and we watched the Mizzou/Nebraska game we'd recorded the night before.

52-17. First time we'd beaten them in Nebraska in 30 years.

#3 in the nation this week.


  1. I remember those old St. Louis Cardinals. I remember most of those names as well. I was not a Cardinals fan, though being a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan from the day of my birth. Thanks for the memories!

  2. Those EVIL Dallas Cowboys???!!! ;-)

    But for some reason I always liked Stabauch and White.

    I became an ex-Cardinals fan when they left St. Louis. I remember their first season in Arizona they went something like 12-0 ... which they had never come close to in St. Louis. First place, only to lose their last four games and not make the playoffs at all.

    Which I found satisfying.