Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Above the Tree Line

Heading out to the Rockies this Saturday with my best bud and my two godchildren.  Been meaning to write a song about my favorite place in the world.  Above the Tree Line in the mountains.  One just sort of fell out of my brain onto the guitar over the weekend.  Thinkin' about maybe doing some filming for a video of it while we're there.  This is a kind of a first draft of the song.

Above the Tree Line
- Phil Leith (c) Walking Bird Music - July 30 2010

Above the tree line
You can see forever
It's where I wanna be

Kind of skyline
No steel, wires or concrete
No clatter of the city

Clears my mind
With a sense of wonder
And wild majesty

In the sky
Here in God's country
My favorite place to be

Peace I find
On the alpine tundra
In the rugged rocky mountains

Above the tree line
Ancient and timeless
It's a priviledge just to be here

Above the tree line
For this brief moment
But its mine for eternity

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