Monday, July 21, 2014

More Camper Mods

After our Longbranch trip and the subsequent float trip, finally figured out what needed to be done to the camper so that we can put it up and the two sides lean out slightly like they're supposed to.

See ... the middle A frame poles are only adjustable on the right side.

Well ... WERE ... until this weekend.

I used the holes on the right side to make a template with blue painter's tape and a felt marker .... and taped it under the tab for the one-hole attachment point on the other side, and drilled new ones.

Now no matter how I adjust it, I can keep the ridge in the center of the camper, allowing me to adjust the poles that hold the sides up so that they both tilt out (helps with water shedding in the rain).

I also patched a hole in a seam where the top had been stretched to much from me trying to adjust it the way I want it.  Got a full sized broom to pack in the camper for cleanup, and re-packed the "this'n'that" box into a newer, slightly larger box.  It holds things from gloves and playing cards to emergency fire-starter and repair equipment.  Even spare bearings for the camper wheels.

I'm also working with brother Jeff on a PVC running water tank.  It'll only hold 3 gallons.  It will "run" on compressed air.  It'll attach to the side of the camper, and I'll be able to fill it from a hose, and just hook a tank full of compressed air (with a regulator) to it and a little faucet, and voila.  Running water for brushing teeth or rinsing dishes.

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