Saturday, August 16, 2014

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye

Another toasty warm night in the tent thanks to the heater.  And it was time to get up.  And break down.  I decided I didn't want the thought of breaking down hanging over my head while we were out trying to enjoy one last spin in the park - so  ... just do it.  We ate breakfast and packed everything away, folded up the camper, repairing the clamps the screws came out of along the way.

And then just one more thing.  One last hurrah.... my pick will ALWAYS be Trail Ridge Road.  I love it up there.

Traffic was already pretty heavy this Saturday morning.  One of the campground hosts had said that all of July and the first half of August is the busiest time up there.  I'd been there in mid August before and I don't remember it being that crowded ... but.  

And it was pretty much an up-and-back.  A drive to Lava Cliffs, then turn around and come back.  Such a pretty, awe-some drive, literally.  Then back down to the campsite, hooked up the camper, then did a drive around the campground - all the loops - looking at campsites for future visits ... which ones were fantastic, which were close to bathrooms, vault or regular ... and made notes on the campground map.

And then down, down, down and out, with mountains in our rear view mirror (one of the saddest sights, to me).  Beautiful day, so they were really clear and visible, too.

There was a big, BIG bluegrass festival going on in Lyons.  We passed through and out to the high plains, down to I-70, and into Kansas.   We ended up staying at a Holiday Inn Express in Colby and ate at Taco John's.  We were both tired.  Slept well.

In the morning it would've been cool if we could just teleport home, but we had a good 7 hour drive ahead of us.

Great trip.  The water tank didn't work out so well.  The system still leaks air, but I'll get that figured out by next trip, and I'll use PVC as originally planned.

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