Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Half of what I say is meaningless

...But I say it just to reach you, Julia

First, held Garage Sale Part II -- same lousy weather as Part I, and even less business. Oh well. Pack it up and wait until Spring.

Saturday night we went to a barn party for Vicki's work... had deep fried turkey and George Dickel Whiskey. Al Jolly played music along with some people Vicki works with. The guy on the slide guitar is really good.

Connie and I attempted to dance. We're really lousy so we make good partners -- good to amuse people, anyway. Oh well, we just said everyone would just figure we were drunk.... which wouldn't be horribly far from the truth but it's not the reason why we can't dance. Vicki and Sam are both good dancers so Connie and I figure hey, it's a good thing that they can actually have fun with someone who knows how and we'll just stumble through every now and then ourselves just so we can say we tried.

Sam and I never got around to playing guitars.... we're not stage performers... more like living-room and campfire players. But there was plenty of company and plenty to do so we never actually got them out.

Sunday we drove out to Lonedell. Stopped in Washington to visit Dad in the hospital. He's being a surpisingly good patient. Even surprised himself, I think. Anyway, sounds like the blood clot's gone and if he is diabetic it's just borderline. He went home Monday. Anyway we continued on to Lonedell and met Aunt Julie and our... now I can never figure this stuff out.... son of a cousin is a.... first cousin once removed? Second cousin? Anyway, the baby, Logan. Cute baby. Victor (cousin) wasn't there -- he was bringing his sister (obviously another cousin) Stephanie back from Florida. Aunt Julie's still a pretty lady and seems to enjoy the baby (her grandchild -- getting all this?)

Jef, Joel & Dawn, and Tom & BJ were there. Another couple from Mom & Dad's church came to relieve Aunt Julie of looking after Mom (she had to go back and close on her house) and we had good food, etc.

Took dad's John Wayne movies back with us to drop them off for him at the hospital and did that, drove the rest of the two hours home. And crashed into bed immediately... zzzzzzzzz!

I have a Toshiba laptop on a trial basis to get working for Mom (Vicki's mom, that is) to replace her MSN companion. I'm checking out how it runs Windows XP. It's just a PII, but it does have 160MB of memory. Seems to run OK -- if I'm happy with it I'll have to go buy a copy of it. Otherwise I think it'll have to be Windows ME. I'm just a little concerned about compatibility issues in a year or two. Probably shouldn't be, though.

Unfortunately right now I can't test her MSN stuff on it because MSN's signup server is out and -- well apparently your passport/password isn't really your dialup authentication and it needs to go out to the passport signup server to get your REAL dialup userid... sigh. It's been down about a day.

Well, that's all for this morning.