Monday, November 10, 2003

Sometimes you feel like Anutt

Drove down to beautiful downtown Anutt, Mo to the home of Mike & Lois (and Ben & Abigail) Hilgers for a visit. Played gutiars, ate... played with kids, ate some more, played some more.... Mike's been working on his classical guitar. Sounds pretty darned good to me. We're never happy with what we can do, because -- well, we know where our mistakes and limitations are. But those listening to us aren't always so aware and so it sounds great to them -- and so it sounded great to me. And isn't that what matters?

Abigail is a bit of a little cherub-faced doll which can be pretty difficult to resist. And it's always fun to watch Ben try to sort out and prioritize all the thoughts that come into his brain. It's even more fun to try to figure out what they are and put words in to his mouth. Mike is particularly adept at this.

I won't go into any particular details of the visit, because to an outsider it'd just be boring. But most people know that just hanging with friends for a while is cool without having to have anything in particular going on.

Got home and whipped out my Christmas guitar book to see if I can get through any of it any better this year. Looks like I can -- as long as it's all open chords I'm getting relatively adept. And I learned 2 new open chords last night... Am7 and Dm7.

Got the hole in Vicki's car fixed a couple of weeks ago. Rust spot over the back right fender. Then the master cylinder went out so we got that fixed. Nothing like a non-rusty car that stops.

Finished testing Mom's new computer (that's Mom Fort Wayne, not Mom Lonedell) -- ordered a copy of XP for it and also bought Trend Micro's Internet Security suite for it. Slapped MSN 8 and Messenger 6.1 and AIM on it. I think that Wordpad is plenty of word processor for her purposes, so we won't bother with Office or anything like that.

Brian & Jess will be coming out for Brian's birthday this weekend. Haven't seen Jess in a while. She's such a sweetie. Don't know how much of her we'll see over the holidays.

Speaking of those... Need to get the house ready (clean and repaired) for the holidays anyway. The dining room chandalier needs to be repaired and there's a patch on the wall in the living room I need to fix from a piece of furniture dinging it. Gotta clean out the bird-bath and put the stock tank heater in it for the winter, clean off the deck.... get wood for winter fires....

The drums keep pounding the rhythm to the brain.....