Wednesday, May 12, 2004


We're back from the graduation/mother's day/mother's birhtday weekend. Other than the purposes (celebration, seeing family, helping out around Mom's house -- all fine and good, but if you know what I'm talking about there's no need to explain, and if you don't no amount of explaining would be enough) -- so... other than that, it was a pretty uneventful trip ... oh, except for there's now something drastically wrong with the front end of Vicki's car. It got worse on the way home. Some vibration. Didn't affect the steering, but it was noisy and you could feel it in the car.

The litterbox got too full while we were gone and Bart took to the bottom of the stairs, so I had that to deal with -- bleah.

Brian's back with an old girlfriend, Carrie. She was graduating, too, although she has to take 3 more hours this summer. She spent a Christmas with us a few years ago. We liked her, too. She's had a bit of a rough go in life, but has stood up to it well. Heh... taking on Brian... and she actually knows what she's getting into. ;-) That says something. Brian says this is different. Hey, it's the first time he's ever gone "back" to someone. I suppose there's something to that.

Kevin apparently has a new girlfriend, too -- haven't met her. Adrianne. She's got like a year and a half left -- triple major in Photojournalism, History... and something else. He was over last night. Brian came back yesterday sometime and did some work for his dad. He came over about 2 hours after we got home, and Kev came to join him. Kev seemed pretty happy when Adrianne called. Twitterpated. Yup.

Well, the problem on Vicki's car is a wheel bearing. No surprise there. So that brings the grand total over about the past 6 weeks on the car to $800. Oh well. Cheaper than a new car.

10 days to Jackson, WY. I've been pouring through my books I got. Even got a topo map of Yellowstone in Fort Wayne. Now if I just had a Teton one... Got some socks for hiking. Last major hiking trip I took (Chicago Creek valley with Vicki) I got some sore spots on my feet. These are thick, breathe, and are moisture-wicking. Right then.

Well, I'm off.


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