Sunday, November 07, 2004

Busy weekend

Did a lot of house cleaning, fixed the phoneline that goes to downstairs, and got the hydroponic garden ready to go. Bought some lettuce and mustard lettuce and endive seed, and got some watercress at the grocery store to root and start in it's own little hydro bucket.

I'm switching from the 2" PVC setup I had to a tray setup, as this year I've decided to go with nothing but greens -- no other veggies. So a salad garden. Also put plants from the deck that I want to winter over down there as usual. It's not all set up yet, but the seeds are started.

Friday evening I made Chicken Poblano on the grill, and sat out with the neighbors around Ryans chiminea and had a cigar, drank beer. Boy stuff.

I also bought a little cheesy electric chainsaw for my minimal chainsaw needs. Making already cut wood shorter, trimming and pruning and the like. Haven't used it yet.

It was a beautiful weekend... 72 degrees yesterday, 65 today.

Goin' out to Mom & Dad's new place Saturday to help mom set up the kitchen so she can use it.

And that's about it for now.

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  1. You are one sweet young man & I'm proud to have you for a nephew! Love ya