Thursday, January 13, 2005

Another light snow

Just like last week, we had some heavy rains followed by a cold blast, and we woke up this morning to sleet and snow. The snowflakes got big, and it was hard to stop watching the cardinals out the window in the cedar tree in the snow.

I filled up their feeders.

Been scanning in family photos like a madman. I've had them far too long -- some of them got damaged in the great water leak incident of 1998. Fortunately, we saved most of them.

So that we can save goofy-a** pictures like this one of me from Christmas of 1969...

I was going over pictures from Kindergarten and first grade and remembering all the girls I thought were pretty -- yeah, I've always liked 'em. Never knew what that whole cooties thing was all about. Whaddaya MEAN you don't want 'em to touch you? I always liked being around 'em. Especially Diana Nichols... I had it bad for her in first grade. And then there was our pretty family friend Carol Schulte, and Donna Pardo(t?) -- who was so cute it hurt to look at her.


Guess you had to be there.

Got the birthday bash coming up in KC a couple of weekends from now. Lookin' forward to that.

New guy showed up at this week's jam session -- a guy named "Bill" -- he was good. Left Columbia like 30 years ago and has been all around the country, most recently in Boston where he played bluegrass with Ray "Tappet" from Car Talk in a local jamming group they started. I picked up a couple of things by just watching him play.

Here's an odd one -- Bart has been pooping at the bottom of the stairs -- fortunately, it doesn't get IN the carpet -- it's solid and remains on top. Still, not excactly the kind of thing you like to come across. He likes to do it where the wall meets the floor. I put a strip of toilet paper down by the wall night before last to check to see if he was also going "number 1" there, too -- he didn't, but the next morning there was a little pile, but not on the toilet paper, and not where he normally goes when he does it. It was off the end of the toilet paper -- so, he doesn't want to go on the toilet paper. Cool. I went along the rest of the wall with it. Need to break him of that habit.

Lesson today. Still slowly but steadily improving, and I'm trying to go back to playing songs I like on top of that -- just printed out Jonathan Edwards' "Sunshine" -- always one of my favorites -- and it turns out to be quite easy to play.

Well, I'm off....


  1. I remember the cute little boy with the longest eyelashes in the world. You were such a cutie!

  2. Well if it is so embarrassing why are you posing it...I happen to like it! You were and still are a nice looking man!

  3. Who said it was embarrassing? And even so -- I'm not that vain that I can't poke a little fun at myself.