Wednesday, May 04, 2005

General Business (that is, being busy)

Did several things over the weekend -- filled a woodpecker hole in the side of the house, screwed a piece of siding in that's been sticking out, mulched the garden, measured brick molding to be replaced on the house, cooked chicken for South Beach purposes, cleaned out the car, checked for why I had buzzing in my rear speakers, replaced my car battery, changed the oil, and washed it. Plus, I made a dashboard mount for my new GPS.

That's right, I got a GPS. A cool little Garmin Vista. I didn't go with one of the cheaper models because I wanted mine to have an altimeter and be capable of having topographical maps loaded on it.

It was pretty cool -- I could see where I was on the road all the way up to Fort Wayne and back. Helps you visualize your progress.

I really got it for backcountry hiking, though.

Got Mom down here for her Birthday/Mother's day. Vicki's off this week and spending it with her. I'll take her back next mon/tue.

Need to make sure Mom's computer can be remotely managed before we take her back so I can fix problems from 500 miles away and give little tutorials like we did before. Something "broke" since Christmas and last time I tried I couldn't do it.

I have all the parts to build my rain fly for my packable tent, now I need to get off my rear and do it.

I also need to finish putting the new smoke gasket on the Big Green Egg. Oh, and plant the moss rose in the strawberry pot on the deck.

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