Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I got the H&R 922 back from the gunsmith. Took it to the range, and it fired all 9 right away. The next time 8. Then anywhere from 5 to 8 per cylinder load.

It took four weeks. I know he said he guarantees his work, but ... Another four weeks? I decided to take a look at it. My guess was that the hammer wasn't hitting the rims of the rounds (it's .22 long rifle rimfire rounds). I thought, well maybe the firing "pin" on the hammer is worn. I didn't want to "build it up" because that could break off too easily. So I decided to file the hammer face down slightly all around the pin. Took it back to the range.

It seemed a little better ... at first. Then back to the same old behavior. I tried a little bit more, same results. Last night I figured out the pin was plenty long now, so I decided to try a "sharper" edge Force/Area = Pressure. More pressure, deeper dent. Less area means more pressure.

Same thing, at first it seemed good, then quickly exhibited the same behavior. Each round is getting hit. I can see the dents in each one. The dents are where they're supposed to be. Ok... it has to be the spring. It's an old gun. Springs lose some of their tension over time. Plus -- I surmised that there must be something about a cold spring -- maybe it's stiffer -- and after it is fired a bunch the spring looses some of it's ... well ... "spring" as the metal warms up.

So tonight I took the handle off and --- wow. It's real simple inside. The spring is literally a curved piece of spring steel. I pulled up on it and it came to rest on a ledge about 1/4" above where it is "supposed" to be, and stayed there. It put more tension on the spring. Cool.

I took my file and enhanced the ledge a bit so the spring will stay there, then I took it back out to the range.

I fired about 120 rounds out of it. I had one or two dud shells (hit three different times and wouldn't fire on one of them) --- but otherwise, every time the hammer hit, it went off. Yesssss!!!! I have introduced a new problem -- it will skip a cylinder now and then. Not often. The ratchet on the back of the cylinder IS a bit worn, and I'm guessing that and the increased spring strengths result in the new, intermittent problem.

So... good for now. I'll try to find a new spring, and maybe I'll be brave enough ... or have a gunsmith ... build up and re-shape the worn ratchet piece.

Went to Fort Wayne last weekend to get Mom. Then Saturday we went to Indianapolis to greet Brian in Indy -- supposedly at the airport. But the military coudln't get them a flight in to Indy, so they flew them to Cinci instead and they were to catch a bus to Indy. That changed our plans from meeting him at 4:00 to maybe noon. So we had to leave Fort Wayne a lot earlier.

Kristin got a call from Brian Saturday morning. His plane was SUPPOSED to leave around mid day/early afternoon. Well ... he called from an airport bar in Cincinnati. And the patriotic citizens of Cinci felt obliged to buy them all rounds. At 7:30 in the morning.

Fortunately, Brian quit while he was ahead.

At any rate, in the end they couldn't catch a bus, so the armory sent trucks after them and we met them about 1:45. He looks good. Gained a little weight... not much though ;-) Lots of stories to tell. He says he wants to tell them with beer in hand, sitting by the grill.

He came over for breakfast the last two mornings. It's good to have him back.

We take Mom back this weekend, and then next weekend we camp with the Groves. Busy month!!!

Well, that's about it for now.

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