Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Water Heater, Spring

The water heater leak picked up steam, so to speak, going from leaking about 2 tbsp per day to about a gallon and a half a day over just a few days.

So I took it apart last night. Tried filing the edges to fit closer. No dice. Even put the original gaskets back in as they looked fine. About midnight I realized that the problem is actually a hairline crack in the output pipe that is growing slowly. I melted some plastic I scraped from the outside of it onto the crack with a soldering iron... that helped some, but it was 2:00am by that time and I needed to go to bed. Turned on the water just long enough for showers and dishes this morning. then took it apart again and put epoxy on it, inside and out (where I could). I filed the hardened epoxy down this evening and put it back together and now we are back to a VERY slow leak. So I need to get a replacement pipe, if I can, from Microtherm. But it's usable right now.

Last Friday we did Kevin's birthday at the Pasta Factory, and over Easter Weekend took Mom back to Fort Wayne. Brian went back to Indiana today for Marines duty... he has about a month left on active duty, so he'll be gone during the week.

The leaves on the Bradford Pears leafed out faster than I've ever seen them do it. They didn't bloom much this year. The redbud put on a good show, and we go the first few flowers ever on the Japanese Crabapple and the lilac. My allergies are back this year. Every year I hope they won't come back. But...

It's still very pretty.

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