Monday, May 15, 2006


The water heater part is ordered, but it hasn't arrived yet. New output pipe. It started leaking again. About a gallon a day.

Let's see, what else? Had a minor traffic accident last week. Fender bender, mostly mine. My fault, too. Well, I've been driving what, almost 27 years now. First one I've been involved in that it was my fault. Needed to turn around and look one last time before I went. Didn't think I needed to for some reason. But I needed to. And I didn't. So... that'll be a $500 deductible. You can hardly ding your car anymore without spending $500.

Went and got Mom last week (I usually call her "mother" here to distinguish from my mom, so "mother") from Fort Wayne. She spent the week. Her birthday was Monday, and we had the boys and their girlfriends over.

We also went to the new Buckingham's BBQ place later in the week. Nice place, and good food as always -- but their horseradish slaw wasn't ... well, it was hard to tell if it had any in it. It used to be real good and hot. He should keep some "hot" around for those of us who like it.

I weeded out the garden and put tar paper over it, hoping to kill the other weeds. I'll probably leave it there and put the drip irrigators through it to water each individual plant. I was going to get some horse stuff or goat stuff from Mom and Dad's, but I didn't.

Went out to Mom and Dad's for the annual Mother's Day Dinner (this year it was American, * yeah!) I brought apple and cherry pies we made here last Saturday. Vicki and Mother stayed here and had the boys over for brunch and an afternoon. Tom and Betty brought ribs, Jeff brought potato salad, Joel brought carrot salad. We had a nice afternoon. Jeff brought his Taurus 40 Ten for show and tell. It's a pistol that shoots 45 LC's and 410 shotgun shells. A real crowd pleaser. Apparently it works well for dispatching copperheads. Anyway, with this cool puddle of air that has settled over the midwest and most of the east for the past week I had brought my tan fleece jacket. I think I left it there.

But the cool puddle needs to move out for this weekend's float trip/camping trip. Ryan & Kristie, of course US, and Brian and Kristin are going. Didn't think Kevin and Angela would want to go -- but apparently they sounded like they might've wanted to. So we'll have to make sure they get in on it next time. Angela's feeling a bit under the weather anyway.

We're getting the gear together. My new tripod grill you hang over your campfire... tents, sleeping bags, and stuff. We always have a good time down there.

Well, time for bed.


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