Monday, June 19, 2006


We went and hung out with Sam at his place to hang by his pond, play guitars, drink, talk, and listen to the night sounds of the country.

No whipoorwills :-( Lots of bullfrogs, though. Just ask Vicki.

First he took us to see a cabin he has access to on a large pond near his house. Nice place (that's part of the cabin lake to the left there.) Anyway, we went to Heur's for dinner and had catfish. Vicki got pie to have for breakfast.

Unfortunately, we forgot the pie when we left. So we went back for it the next morning -- and went to Huer's for breakfast ;-)

Both Angela and Kevin were out of town, so we took care of Mia (Potato) for them. I went in the morning and of course brought the new camera along. I tried working her out with the ball. She's called Mia Potato because she is about the shape and color of a potato.

Saturday afternoon I painted the side of our house that faces the unfriendly neighbors -- who suddenly moved out of our "cracker" (their words) neighborhood a couple weekends ago. I took the opportunity to get on the deck next door and paint that wall, which needed it very badly. And a bill collector showed up looking for them yesterday, and he also brought along an eviction notice. Well!

Anyway, I spent most of yesterday working on the ozone generator -- making it smaller (and fixing a short while I was at it) and less unattractive.

I also managed to re-injure my left middle finger while playing guitar last night. It's the same one that got smashed by a log months ago. I probably re-tore or shredded the tendon. I should have stopped playing the moment it started hurting, but I played on for about 2 minutes. Bad move. It hurts pretty bad today. Hard to type.

Kristin had an exciting weekend. She'd gone down to Farmington for a wedding shower, then back up here for a benefit picnic Saturday, back down to the lake Sunday to meet some friends (apparently she knows Dourty here from work as he's married to Blaine's sister Jill) and ... well, she shattered a glass in her hand when it slipped and she grabbed it tighter, cutting HER left middle finger. Then Sunday Blaine lost his keys in the lake... her purse was locked in his car... with her keys ... and her cell phone. She came back up here last night with some friends while Blaine et. al retrieved their cars. She had about 3 weekends worth of trouble in 1, poor girl. What's the term? "A series of unfortunate events."

Well, I'll leave you with this picture of Sam's dog "Beagle", who hung at the pond with us Saturday night.

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