Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I feel so cool now

A week or two ago in an email from my college friend Sarah, she asked if I still played air guitar.

Frankly, I had forgotten all about the fact that I was a prolific air guitarist in college. Probably on purpose. I must have been much more comfortable in front of her and Karen than I remember, because -- well I just have a rough time imagining myself doing it -- but I must have. And probably frequently.

Well, via Blonde Sagacity, I came across something she was tipped off to by Just Rose -- that gave me a good laugh now that I have been reminded of my air-bending past.

Apparently, Air Guitar is a relatively big thing now. And there are Air Guitar Championships. So I emailed Sarah the post from ALa. She emails me back with this story about Björn Türoque (pronounced B-yorn Too-Rawk).

I may have to buy the book.

Anyway, the cool thing is, I can brush that question aside now. I told Sarah I don't have to anymore. I play my real one :-)

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