Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Trip Home

Saturday, Aug 25

It was all business Saturday morning. It was to be a beautiful day, another great one for anyone who wanted to try Longs, or do anything else in the park for that matter.

But we had to get home.

My least favorite part of the trip is breaking down camp to go home. But we did it in fairly short order, took everything out of the car and re-packed it, checked out of the campground and headed for Estes Park for a quick breakfast and a good cup of coffee for the road.

We found both at Coffee on the Rocks -- a good egg muffin, and sweet muffins to go, with great coffee.

We drove through Lyons and Boulder and sped away on the interstate. I was almost thankful for the haze as I couldn't feel the mountains tugging me through the rear view mirrors like I can when you can see them

We stopped at Limon at a gas station/gift shop where I got a neat, large Kokopeli mug and a Colorado Rockies T-Shirt for me and another Colorado T-Shirt for Vicki.

The trip back to Olathe was pretty uneventful. It's always amazing how much Kansas territory you can see going East.

One thing I found fascinating was the number of people I ran into from Minnesota up there. It seemed like Minnesota and Wisconson were over-represented ;-). Maybe it's the flatness.

My last conversation with Vicki let me know that she wouldn't be home Sunday, so I'd be spending the night in Olathe. If she were home I knew I probably couldn't resist driving the extra 2.5 hours.

I can't complain about anything. The trip was fantastic.

The few things I learned:
  • Add more ibuprofen and an ace bandage to your first aid kit
  • Always bring your monopod
  • Reserve campsites ahead of time on the web
  • Try not to have to change campsites during the stay
  • Granola and protien bars for breakfast. Less preparation and cleanup time means more time enjoying the park.
  • If you even think a piece of valuable gear might slip away, say, into a creek or something to possible ruin -- move it. Secure it. Now.
  • If you think your tent might need seam sealing, do it. Now.

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