Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I Think We'll Go on a Walkabout

So Ryan called saturday morning and wanted to know if we'd like to met him & Kristie at "the new spot". I had other stuff to do, but since the ladies were to come on this one I thought it sounded like fun.

So we went. We hiked in from Rutherford while RyKri hiked in from Boydsville. We met around 11:00 and set about gathering wood and starting a fire.

Several weeks ago Ryan and Kristie had gone there and apparently some... I assume juveniles, had been there with a hatchet and hacked down a small but living tree, and hacked into the bark of a couple of the nice ones by the fire ring. We're not too happy about that.

We cooked food over the coals, sat and talked in the 50 degree sunshine, and shot at soda cans (which we do clean up!) Vicki shot my .45 revolver and Ryan's .40 automatic. She thought she might want to handle the revolver since ... well, it's there to use in a home defense situation and it's good to have fired it and know what to expect.

A sharp cold front arrived around 2:20 pm and it started falling through the 40's. We left around 3:30 for the hike out.

It was a good day to be out.

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