Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Soup and puree .... don't get left behind!

Ok.... obscure McCartney reference. I'm here to once again catch you up. (get it? Catsup?)

We had Brian and Kristin over for Easter... had the ham, the pineapple cassarole, green beans and au gratin potatoes for dinner. It snowed a little in the morning and we had a fire in the fireplace all day.

Kristin is due Monday. If she doesn't have it by then they will induce, and we will be grandparents.

We're heading to St. Louis this weekend for Kristie's birthday -- she's always wanted to Eat at Joe's, and we plan to. We'll also probably hit Cabela's, maybe a brewery tour.... just putz around.

Last weekend, Ryan, Brian and I took a firearms training course up north of town. Wouldn't you know, Kristin had a few contractions and a little blood and went to the hospital while we were out there. But it was a false alarm, and she's still carrying little BenTrent (the name hasn't been finalized, so we're using both).

I think our heat pump is broken. A couple of weeks ago when it was in the 40's we noticed that it kept running and running and running and it really shouldn't. The last 3 electric bills have been unusually high. I'm afraid there's nothin' for it. I'll be hosting a repair person in the morning to see what our options are. But it's 23 years old.... so ....

To add insult to injury, our sump pump burned up. I just replaced it a year ago. It's little floaty "wag" switch was prone to getting caught on things.... so I went out tonight (it's raining) to get a new one... ended up spending almost twice as much on this one. It has a vertical float instead of a wag, making it much less likely to get trapped. And it's crankin'.

Brian and I went out to Sam's house last night to get a little shooting in. We knocked cans off of a log with pistols and rifles. Had a cigar, and a beer... went to Huer's for dinner afterward.

Is my life exciting, or what?

I imagine the next post will be a birth announcement.

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