Thursday, March 06, 2008


As a blogger bud of mine says. "Sorry No Updates Lately".

He hates "SNUL" posts. Blogs are by nature a place where the blogger goes when he feels like he has something to say. And there really hasn't been that much exciting going on.

But I know some of you out there check in to see what Phil is up to, and it's got to get kind of old after a while checking and seeing nothing.

Went out to Sam's with Ryan last weekend to do some target practice with pistols. Need to get used to the new 9mm. I'm ok at self-defense ranges with my other guns, but the 9 makes me flinch for some reason. So I'm doing some dry firing to try to break me of the habit. I'll try it again this weekend.

It got quite warm last Sunday -- 78 for the high, with a sharp drop that night. We were around 40 Monday with sunshine, but just 60 miles south of here they got about 6-8" of snow as the sun beat down upon us. Some unusually cold air for the season is swooping down upon us tonight, but it's not supposed to last more than a day.

We went to a cool place in Fulton with the Williams' on Saturday. A restaurant called Beks. Huge selection of very good beers, and the food was excellent. Yeah. In Fulton. I had a stuffed pork chop that had a surprise of lemon rind in the stuffing. It was great. I had an Italian and a German Triple Bock, and for dessert this chocolate stout mixed with a rasberry ale -- it was like a chocolate rasberry dessert, but not as sweet.

Or chewey.

Still anticipating the arrival of the Grandson early next month.

In other exciting news, we went out to the Elks for a bit this evening and to Angelo's for dinner. Greek Pizza. Whoo-hooo! Aren't you glad you dropped by now? ;-)

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