Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Lately life's been largely about the grandbaby. We've been over to visit a few times. Kristin's mom stayed with Brian & Kristin for a week while Kristin recovered and they both adapted to having a round-the-clock responsibility that needs feeding and changing every time you turn around. We were over there for dinner ... Thursday night? Something like that. We don't want to go visit too much because they need to get some routine going. But mom & baby seem to be doing great.

Mark & Cassie made a kamakazi visit over the weekend to pick up the Gazelle exercise machine. Ryan and I had gone on a walkabout out at Sam's place, doing the dogs and testing out some firearms (aarrr aaauuurrrr AUUURRR!!!!). Then Bri came over and had a cigar with us out by the chimnea on the deck.

The heating/air conditioning guys came Monday and found a crack in the tubing in the heat exchanger outside and fixed it. That was almost $500, but we're talking $6,000 to replace it... so... we should have more efficient heat again.

Man, there's a lot of stuff to do around the house that I just don't feel like doing. *sigh*.

Incidentally there are more baby pictures out here.

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