Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Spring has sprung. The pear trees on the street are actually almost done blooming, and the redbud has busted out. The daffodils, now that I think of it, are only a memory.

Baby Trenton had a brief period of stuffiness... poor guy. Less than 3 weeks old (well, he's 3 weeks today) and already had a bout of trouble breathing. He is changing every day... we get over there every few days to see him. Cute little guy.

We were going to go to the Black and Gold game with the Williams' on Saturday, but it was pretty drizzmerable. We went to D. Rowe's for lunch, then back to the house to watch the game on ESPNU.

By the end of the game, Kevin and Angela dropped in. They came in to town for his birthday celebration. They went out with Ken for dinner and then stayed the night.

We made waffles in the morning, and Kevin came up with a menu for his birthday dinner ... some marinated chops (courtesy of Alton Brown), potato wedges, corn bread, and waldorf salad. Which we whipped up. Had to replace the burner in the gas grill before that. Brian, Kristin, and Trenton came over as well as Ken, and the Cubs fans all gathered around to eat in front of the game. Cubs won. Handily.

Haven't seen Angela in a long time, so it was good to see her again. She's a great girl ... good for Kevin, I think. Sweet. Funny. Cute. Greg dropped by to drop off my cajun cooker burner and some beer he had made. He brought little Johnny along with him. And it turns out that Angela is also good with kids.

Hey, just sayin'. She is.

The heat pump got fixed, but it sprang another leak. I'm afraid we're going to have to replace it. Can't just keep chasing leaks. We're talking $6,500. It should be offset somewhat by lower energy bills, but ... whew. It'll take a lot of time to pay off. But having a cool house this summer will be some immediate pay off.

We've started up the weekly jams in the lunchroom at work again. Wednesdays. Adam brings his keyboard, and Alan plays a killer recorder. He's a saxophone player, but recorders are smaller and quieter. Wayne usually shows up. Brian. Richard B. on guitar. A guy from the help desk on banjo and guitar. And Jeff drops by to sing along especially on the Buffet tunes. A lot of fun.

I need to start riding the bicycle to work again for exercise, too. I both look forward to it and don't look forward to it at the same time. But I think I'll start Monday, weather permitting.

Yeah, so I can drink more of Greg's beer (left) ... and stay healthy while I'm at it.

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  1. The baby is absolutely beautiful. I loved your email announcement--so much detail for the women and bare facts for the guys!

    When are you going to write a book of essays? Yep, just tossing that idea at ya.
    btw, I'm introducing you on my blog today.