Tuesday, July 29, 2008

39 and a Whole

It's true. Cami is 40. She made it. Life can now begin.

Or shall we say, "Cami-Cami"? Cami is wife of my college friend, adopted brother, and all around best friend, Mark. Mother of our God-Children. And responsible for introducing me to TikiBar TV.

Mark and Cami put on a big bash, working their little tails off to entertain ~40 people. Friends, family, their kids. Mark smoked up two huge briskets and a bunch of chicken, beans, cake, and beer, beer, beer, booze. Tiki lights, tiki lamp, tiki totem, and swank swingin' Rat Pack music.

They had the foresight to put up a rain pavillion over the deck, which was a good thing because rain developed about 3:00 and just kept coming, off and on, through the evening.

If anyone had told me in college that we'd have access to doppler radar in our kitchens, zoomable to street level, even -- in 25 years, I wouldn't have believed them. But it let us know when to bring things in.

Lots of people from Irish Fest, Cami's mother and friends from work, Mark's cousin Kelly and her boyfriend, some neighbors, several kids.

Vicki's party outfit turned out really nice, but what really made it was the shoes :-)

There was much laughter, lots of visiting, a little guitar played, and by about 3:00 am, I looked like this.

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