Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's Night

I remember when we were kids... when Daylight Saving Time would start, we would get up in the morning for school that next monday and say, "what are you doing up?? See? Look! " [opens window shade to reveal darkness outside] "It's night! Go back to bed!!!

Well, I had that experience this past Monday Morning again, and I had to joke with Vicki about it

But seriously, it hasn't seemed to affect me that much this year.

We've done quite a bit of Trenton sitting. Otherwise, not too much. Went to dinner last night with Sam & Deb and Sam's mom "Honey" out at Huer's. Fried chicken. Mmmmmm.

I occasionally go to Trenton's Mommy & Me classes, taught by his own Mommy. I have a lot of fun with him. I'm pretty hooked. I know, he's just about to add "annoying" to his reporitoire... but I think I can handle it. The good will outweigh the bad.

Trenton is standing up on his own now and he's so proud when he takes his hands off of any supports. Then he flops back down on the floor. Apparently over at their house he tries bouncing up and down a bit and falls down doing that. He loves my guitar and tries to go get it when he sees it on his stand... but we won't let him grab it because if it falls on him ... well... ow! But tonight he started something new. When he sees me trying to get to the guitar before he does, he speeds up -- crawls in double-time. Hilarious!

I had bought a cheap ukelele when Cassie & Q were little so they'd have something I didn't care about to play with that was like a guitar and more their size. He's taking to that, but he likes to strum mine, too. And pluck strings.

Of course, my very favorite thing is to have him fall asleep on my lap. So sweet. We are so lucky to live so close.

Tonight we are having what will probably be the last fireplace fire of the season. He hasn't seen one since January, I don't think, and it was kinda cold and we had him for the evening. So I built one. He practically tried to crawl in to it.

He's going to be a pyromaniac. Or a great camper!!!

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  1. I am very impressed with both of you an the way you interface with the baby. Good grandparents!

    Love ya both, Aunt Pat