Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Cousin Kinda Day

Today cousin Dawn and her youngest daughter Ciara came to putz around taking pictures. I thought I'd take them down where I took one of my all time favorite shots ... at Eagle Bluffs Conservation area by the Missouri river. Of course, when I took that shot, it was evening and later in the summer. Still, I thought there might be more wildlife around.

We saw a snake, a bunch of buzzards, a deer.... that was about it out there. Some snapping turtles, and a rusted out water heater in Perche Creek. Broke for lunch at Taco Bell.

After lunch went to campus and went around the Francis Quadrangle, where I discussed some finer Constitutional points with Thomas Jefferson (we were pretty much in agreement on most things, for sure). And Ciara shared a seat at the Shack with Beetle Bailey. You might even call it a hot seat, since the bronze had been sitting in the sun all morning and early afternoon.

Watching a lanky 13 year old girl turning cartwheels in the grass can make you feel a little old. But it was nice to see the energy all the same.

And then we wandered up to Shelter Gardens where there were flowers, trees, water features, and the old school house before heading back to the ranch. Nothing spectacular, shooting-wise, but some pretty pictures and a little camera-raderie. Nice day.

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