Friday, May 08, 2009

Rain Rain

Well, we certainly can't complain about not enough rain this spring. This latest bout started last night. The Williams' came over to drop off their little mini roto-tiller for me to use to dig up my little 8x8 garden... but that won't be happening for a while now. Anyway, we watched last night's episode of Supernatural ... a show we got into a while back. Not sure I like some of where it's going philosophy-wise. We'll see how they resolve it all next season

I heard something falling -- I thought something in the living room -- after we went to bed last night after it had been raining and hailing pretty hard. I almost got up to look. Almost. Well ... this morning I saw that what was left of the big dead locust tree in the back yard fell into the yard. looks like it fell on the electric fence (which isn't on yet) around the garden. I was going to tear it down when I go to dig out & replace the soil anyway. So I have a little chainsaw project now as well.

I did get some grass planted out front last week, and this rain ought to help seal the deal germination-wise.

And I plan on taking Kristin et al to Strawberry Hill Farms tomorrow to get some veggies for the raised beds in their yard.

Brian and Kristin moved in to a great new house, their first as homeowners ... while we were in North Carolina. We were back for enough time to help them finish up. We went over there for a little Cinco de Mayo (and why is it again we now celebrate Mexican Independence day here? Is it to remind Mexican illegal aliens that they do have their own soveriegn country they could patch up? Inquiring minds want to know). I suppose it's a good excuse to have a party. Who doesn't like margaritas and mariachi bands?

We did drop by there last night with the Williams' to show them the new house, and Brian was there with Trenton. It's so sad to see him cry when we leave. We weren't there long enough for him I guess. But the look on his face and the sad cry ... just breaks your heart. But I could see him through the door after we got into the car and he seemed happy being fed by daddy. It's probably harder on us than it really is on him.

Tonight we're going out to Churchills for mom-in-law's 90th birthday. Probably the nicest restaurant in Columbia. Kevin will be coming in for it as well. I think there will be 7 of us for dinner. Making it to 90 deserves a big too-doo.

I'm continuing to try to ride my bike in to work at least 3 days a week, weather and errands permitting. I got my three in Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday this week. Good thing, too, because the radar looks menacing today. I'd call that a wash.

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