Tuesday, December 12, 2006

IE7 - Sucks

When I recently flashed my Creative Zen Nomad MP3 player to the latest firmware, my computer at home couldn't seem to install a driver for it. (the one at work worked just fine). So I uninstalled the previous Nomad software and rebooted. No luck.

So I decided to go out and get ALL the windows updates.

I got them, including IE7, and I could get to the device after that (it's only halfway, but that's another issue. It works well enough).

Now I leave my computer on all the time at home. I have a cable modem. It's ready to look anything up on the net I want to. Check email. Whatever. Anyway, after the updates I noticed that if the computer goes to sleep, when I wake it up network connectivity is all screwed up. Well at least network connectivity for IE and Outlook Express.

At first I blamed it on the new router. But the new router worked fine for a couple of weeks before this happened. The triggering event seems to have been around the time I did the Windows update.

And get this -- I could connect to websites with Firefox while IE was locked up and couldn't connect to anything. Outlook Express would lock up, too. Logging out of the user interface and logging back in, I think, seemed to get rid of it -- but what a pain.

I decided to go back to 6. But first, to uninstall 7. Which I did. Well, as well as you can uninstall IE from windows. No icons for it anywhere, but it was still the default browser. So when I clicked on links from Firefox, up came the "uninstalled" IE7.

I went hunting around with Firefox to find IE6 at Microsoft. It kept directing me to Service Pak 2. Install Service Pak 2 to get IE6???? But what about all those post SP2 patches? Then I have to run them again? And make sure IE7 doesn't get re-installed?

I also read somewhere that IE7 disables IE6 anyway, so it may be all for naught.

But I read somewhere else that there are instructions for going back... so it may naught be ;-)


Incidentally, I installed Mozilla Thunderbird as an email client, and Firefox is my default browser now. Guess what? The machine doesn't lock up anymore when you leave it sitting and it goes to sleep (monitor/hard drives turn off) and you wake it back up.

My review on IE7 so far??? Boooooo!!!!!!!


  1. Three days ago Microsoft announced through a pop-up that IE7 was available for update and download immediately. I agreed.

    Now IE won't even load a fucking page if it doesn't feel like it. In fact, it doesn't work at all!!

    It brings up the page "IE Cannot display the webpage." However, it brings up this page NO MATTER WHAT PAGE I TRY TO ACCESS! Google, Yahoo, whatever.

    IE7 then asks me if I want to "diagnose connection problems." When I agree, it tells me I have no connection problems, yet it doesn't tell me how to fix the problem!

    Thing is, then all of a sudden yesterday it was working fine-- but this morning it isn't working again. I have no idea why!

    I am still able to access the internet through AOL.

    Any thoughts? (Other than "IE Sucks", which it DOES!)


  2. Not yet. It seems to work fine on my mother-in-law's machine. I have uninstalled it here at home and am using Firefox for now until I either get the gumption to try again or wait until a later release.

    The going back to IE6 instructions I read were a bit intensive.

    I do miss Outlook Express, though. However, I'm adapting to Thunderbird.