Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve. Perhaps my favorite night of the year. The Christmas music at our house has turned from the jazzy and whimsical to much more traditional flavor. King's College Singers, Rita Ford's Music Box, a pipe organ and church bell album, and a Medieval carols album - along with some baroque brass just to water it down a bit but still keep the feel.
The tree is glowing, bursting with presents. Mom and Vicki are playing cards at the dining room table. I have a great Boulevard Nutcracker ale in one of our fancy pilsner glasses. I think I'd break out the Gloria Blend incense if Vicki could stand it. Oh well.

I just finished decorating about 7 dozen sugar cookies. Made the date nut bars and mexican wedding cakes yesterday. And we have the fudge and Vicki's butterscotch cornflake thingies. Brian and Kristin will be over in an hour or so for the traditional Adams Christmas Eve dinner of oyster stew & cinnamon pears.

Man, you know it's Christmas in this house.

New favorite Christmas albums for this year are Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band's "A Tapestry of Carols" (I can't get enough of her voice -- kind of like Vicki and Il Divo) and I discovered the King's College, Cambridge Choir -- those Brits sure know how to do Christmas music.

I pulled up another pretty good one today on Rhaspody -- that being the Vancouver Cantata Singers. That's Vancouver BC, not WA. Nice stuff.

Anyway, sorry for the lapses in posts. A Merry Christmas to all five of my readers (ok, so I guess a few more people than that actually read it) and especially to Katie, Sam, Matt, and my dear Aunt Pat out in Colorado -- one of my favorite states. I know Katie & Sam won't see this until after Christmas ... but I'm wishing it now.

And a Happy Birthday to my Aunt Pat as well.

Merry Christmas to all!

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  1. Thank you cutie, for the birthday wishes. As you know I was in CO with Matt and the grand kids. We all had a fun time!!