Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Agenda

Those who know me know that I'm typically not agenda-driven -- at least not in any strict, tight sense of the word.

Here was the agenda for the week:
  • Go to Rocky Mountain National Park, probably via the C86/C119/C72/C7 scenic route.
  • Hike.
  • Climb Longs Peak, weather permitting (the major goal)
  • Drive up Trail Ridge Road.
  • Camp.
  • See Brad Fitch, schedule permitting.
None of that in any particular order, other than getting to the Park would obviously have to come first.

I hadn't reserved a camp site. Last time, in early to mid June 2005, I had no problems staying in Moraine Park just re-reserving my camp site every night. This time I knew it might be more crowded, but I didn't want to reserve a camp site I hadn't seen. I'd stayed in 101 and 102 last time on loop A. They were a couple of walk-in sites that were up a hill with a rocky knob hiding the RV's and other non-walk-in sites. They had a nice view of Longs Peak over the trees. But they were under renovation this time. Another thing on the agenda was to check out camp sites for future reference.

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