Friday, August 17, 2007

He was born in the summer...

Of his 37th year.

Ok, it was May. But I was 37 the first time I saw the Rockies as an adult. I'd gone out to Denver with Vicki to a conference.

Have you ever seen that Subaru commercial, "Call of the Wild" where all the animals are calling "Ricky!"? (I really like the porcupine, by the way).

Well that's what the mountains did to me in 2001, much to Vicki's chagrin. Actually, no, it precipitated our first real vacation (where you take a whole week off and go somewhere besides a relative's house) then following year. And she likes the mountains just fine. She just wants to go somewhere else now. So do I. But mountains are cheaper! Plus, I promised myself back in 2001 I'd go out there once every year.

Headed out to RMNP with Mark tomorrow morning. Vicki's not going this year. Her mom is having some procedure done to her heart to stop the fluttering.

So at any rate, don't expect any posts for at least a week. Although we will have a laptop and we might find a wireless hotspot. So you never know.


  1. Hi Phil - What a wonderful adventure! I'm glad you were able to persevere to the summit in spite of your knee problem. How is it now by the way? The picture of St. Malo's Church makes me want to go there. When I looked at your album, I was annoyed that there were no captions, but when I read your blog most of my questions were answered. Excapt for one thing - what are pics 187-189? Congratulations, Aunt Mary

  2. Yeah, that's one thing about Blogger -- it doesn't have an option for captions. So I try to put the pictures near what I'm talking about.

    As far as pictures 187-189 ... that's near the Lava Cliffs on Trail Ridge Road. I'll get to that day after I finish the Longs Peak trip. Basically it's what's left of a huge snow drift from last winter under the Lava Cliffs. I thought it was neat that you could see ice under the water. There's a good chance that that last bit of snow won't melt before it's covered again in the coming weeks. Winter comes early at 12,000 feet!

    188 and 189 show more of the Lava Cliffs.