Monday, August 06, 2007


Our master bathroom, such that it is (is there such a thing as a "galley" bathroom? If so, can one be considered a "master" bath? ... but I digress) -- anyway, it has a 2-double-cabinet, 6' counter.

And one sink. Well all the Jones' seem to have two sinks these days, and there is often sink contention in the mornings.

Well it did. After years of scheming, I finally got the plumbing supplies, cut the requisite holes in the wall and floor, and plumbed up a drain for a second sink. Went under the house, cut open the existing line, added elbows, couplers, and "T"'s along with some regular pipe. Bam! Then off to Lowes' for new sinks (the one that was there was also getting hopelessly rusty).

Got the new sinks and some water supply line and a couple of "T"'s for those, and we're in sink heaven.

But apparently not medicine cabinet heaven, as I soon found out. Vicki has long hated the gigantor 6' mirror we had there and our miniature model of a medicine cabinet (hey, I didn't buy it ;-) ) on the wall to the right. She wanted big ones.

And big ones we got. She even sprung for them her own bad self. And now we're in medicine cabinet heaven.

But not "white cabinet" heaven. So we spent an afternoon painting the dark cabinets white. And now it's a brighter place. We're in white cabinet heaven.

But not light fixture heaven. Or electrical outlet heaven.

So I went out and got two new light fixtures that had been given the official Vicki Seal of Approval™ on a previous trip and brought them home. We have them temporarily jerry-rigged with lamp cord where they'll end up permanently. But really, with all the rewiring that needs to be done, I think it will be easiest to cut out a 6'x4' piece of drywall and do all of it, then slap a new piece of drywall up and mud it and sand it and paint it. Really. I think it will be easier. Which is not to say that it's something that can be knocked out in an afternoon.

At that point we should be in bathroom heaven except for the tile job we want to do.

Ah, the joys of home ownership.

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