Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Another Bart Update

Bart was doing pretty well. Eating, drinking, acting pretty normal.

He hid a lot over the weekend. He's always been nervous around kids and crowds. We had both over the weekend.

Sunday night we noticed he wasn't eating ... or drinking. Monday Vicki noticed that he would go in toward the litter box, look at it, or sometimes go in, do nothing, and come back out and lay down. He was obviously distressed. I kind of half thought he'd likely die overnight.

This morning he was still alive. About the same, really. I gave him yet another dose of fluid. And made an appointment at the vet. I was trying to mentally prepare myself for it to be "The Last" vet appointment, if you know what I mean.

Well, he has urninary tract blockage. Bladder the size of a lemon. (probably wasn't happy about the 40 cc's of IV fluid he got in 12 hours!) He needed to be catheterized. So I left him there overnight. We'll see how he is tomorrow.

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