Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Winding Down

We took the Christmas decorations down Saturday, a day early this year. It's always a little sad for me, and the house looks so... bare. But it's also symbolic of a fresh start for the new year.

Speaking of fresh starts, Friday evening I'd come home and tried to update this blog, only to find the computer was dead. I'm pretty sure it is a bad power supply. But it really was about time for a new one, so I went out Saturday and spent about $200 more than I'd hoped to but got a nice Gateway GT5622. It has Windows Vista on it, which is going to take some getting used to. I've been in IT for a while and I know my way around Windows pretty well, but Vista does some things differently.

Ironically, earlier friday I had finally fixed a problem on my Palm Pilot... but in the process accidentally wiped out the memo in there that had all of my software license info in it. Now I have other sources for most of it, but it's a pain tracking it all down. That was a dumb move.

Sunday we finally went to see "Enchanted", which was hilarious as advertised. Amy Adams, besides being terribly cute, played the part of the fairytale princess with such a super honey-dripping, over-the-top innocence and sweetness -- I thought it absolutely made the movie. Without her performance, it would have been just an ok comedy. Plus the whole "cleaning up the apartment with New York animal friends" song/scene would've made me fall out of my seat if there were somewhere to fall besides a grody movie theater floor. We really enjoyed it.

So I'm still getting my software re-installed on this computer, and Ryan has a power supply I can try on the other machine. If it works, it will make a nice MP3 machine.

I also got a super-duper Universal Remote that can be programmed to do everything you need to do something, like, say, watch a DVD. It turns on the TV, sets it to the input for the DVD player, turns on the DVD player, and the amplifer, and the remote handles all three. Same with the Satellite tuner or just the TV antenna. Vicki was getting frustrated juggling remotes and remembering which input to go to and having to use a separate remote just for the volume. No more!

It got really warm for a couple of days, around 70 degrees, followed by a strong cold front last night which triggered afternoon supercells out ahead of it. We had a tornado warning around 4:00 yesterday, but nothing got anywhere near us but heavy rain and hail.

Bart is still alive, having ups and downs. Looks like it's important to keep him hydrated with the Ringers Lactated USP IV fluid, but the vet charges $29 a bag. I found some on the web for $2.95 + shipping = ~ $4.50 a (liter) bag. So for $27.50 I'm good for at least a couple of months and we'll re-evaluate how we think he's doing and how we think we're doing and how much we want to deal with it.

We'll take Mom (Krick) back to Fort Wayne soon and see how well she does on her own. Plus this weekend is the Leith Christmas out at Mom & Dad's.

And the following weekend, I think we're expecting a visit from the Groves.

Maybe things will settle down after that.

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