Friday, June 13, 2008


It's been a very wet spring.

We have this strip of ... well, supposedly "lawn" between the sidewalk and the curb that gets baked in the afternoon sun. It has a few patchy bits of bluegrass in it, and what looks like some lespedesia. And dirt. Mostly, it's the dirt.

In the wintertime when it's wet and above freezing, it's mud. In the summertime, it's depressing hard baked dirt with a few clumps of dried grass and weeds sticking up from it.

So for a few years I've been threatening to plant zoysia grass there. It digs heat. Sun. Does well in drought. grows to choke out everything in its path, and generally forms a nice carpet of green in the summertime no matter how hot and dry it gets.

From November through early May it's likely to be straw-colored. But big deal. It's mud colored now. How is that any better?

I ordered some back on April 21, and it showed up yesterday. If it had shown up a month ago, it'd be quite well established, as -- and I mentioned this at the beginning -- we've had a wet spring.

Fortunately for me, the forecast for last night and today was for rain, and rain all day today. (It's not so fortunate for farmers who are having trouble getting into their fields this year to plant -- or people who live along the river). Anyway, I planted the strip out front last night with plugs, and the rain has come, as promised. Hopefully, that'll settle it in nicely and it'll start taking off over the next few weeks.

I'll be interested to see how it turns out.

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