Friday, June 27, 2008

Trenton Shot!

Vicki bought Trenton a "Baby Einstein" playmat. With animals and a big blinky sun that plays songs and all kinds of things to look at. He's not to the point of actually playing with things yet, but things catch his attention. Hasn't quite figured out the "I can control things outside of myself" yet. Well, other than adults. Who feed and comfort. You get to wish which one he wants at any given time. The women are better at telling the difference. Mommy & Daddy have a different mat that has different stuff. He loves them.

We went out to dinner (adults only!) with Brian and Kristin (Mommy & Daddy) to D. Rowe's last night. Three of us had the fish and chips. I always get the malt vinegar with it. Brian had the cob salad. It's important, I think, for parents to get a few moments of adult time from time to time -- especially moms who are basically with the baby ALL. THE. TIME.

Good dinner. Ok, one more pic. Nice to just talk to them about ... whatever. Norway. Swimming pool management.

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