Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A Short Sprint

Now where was I?

Oh, yes, Aunt Pat and Kaity came to visit ... they got here a couple of Monday nights ago ... so it's been quite some time since I've posted, eh? They stayed for a couple of days and we did a lot of visiting and they went off to Uncle Eddie's.

Usually it's Tom & Betty who put together some ethnic themed dinner for Mothers'/Fathers' day. This time Jeff, Joel, and I put it together. Tom & Betty had their 25th anniversary that week, and Mom thought it would be nice if we did a Hawaii theme for them as they had planned to go there for their 25th but couldn't.

I cooked a pork butt for the Luau party at Mom & Dad's, and a big loin on Friday night. Made pulled pork and a peach/ginger bbq loin. Jeff whipped up Hawaiian fried rice in the wok right out on the porch on saturday. And Joel and Dawn brought a tropical fruit salad and The Margarator™ and made PiƱa Coladas. Uncle Eddie & "Aunt Pat 'Missouri'" came with cousin Cierra, Aunt Pat and Kaity were there, as well as Julie and Guy. Quite a crowd. Jeff and I helped re-attach some flashing that had blown off the side of the house during a storm. I got to shoot Jeff's Mighty .22 and his tiny .22 magnum. We also popped a few rounds off with the Kel-Tek and the Walther .22.

Then we took off Sunday to get the Godchildren Cassie & Q from Kim's mom who was babysitting them until then while Mark & Cami went to get Cami's mom from California to move her to KC.

I took them to the YouZeum on Monday. I thought they might be a little bored. I'd never been there. It just opened. But we got there around 1:30 and they closed it down. We were there until 5:00, and I would have left any time they were ready. It was an interesting place.

Monday night we found out that Mark & Cami had done some long haul driving and gotten back two days earlier than expected. We had originally planned to have the kids until Friday. I took them to the pool on Tuesday. But when they talked tuesday night to Mark & Cami it was clear that Nathanial (Q) missed them terribly and couldn't stand the fact that they were home and he was not and he hadn't seen them in almost a week. Cassie wanted to stay until Friday, but she gave in to her little brother and I took them back today. Mark met me in Concordia, making my drive about two and a half hours shorter. That was nice of him, especially after having driven 4.000 miles in the last week.

And now its back to us two.

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