Saturday, February 11, 2006

A little slow on the draw

Yes, I know. Long time, no updatey.

Well, what have I been up to. Obviously, I had a birthday the day after my last post. We also had our 14th wedding anniversary. We went up to Fayette and ate at Emmetts Tap & Kitchen. It was very good. I mean food, service, and atmosphere. It was all good.

I bought an old Colt .38 S&W revolver. Figured it was about time I learned to use a pistol as well. Oh, yeah, I've shot them in the past... but just not really knowlegable and comfortable with them. I can think of a couple of times in the past few years I wished I'd had one handy. It's a scary feeling when the demon's at your door and you realize you're pretty much defenseless. If you ever need one, it's that's not the time to get comfortable with it. And it's definitely not the time, in this day and age of gun control laws -- time to try to BUY one. It's 87 years old, but still quite servicible. I love the oak grips. It takes .38 S&W ammo, which is not as easy to come by as, say, your .38 special, .357 mag, or 9mm -- but I kind of like the historical aspect anyway. Looks like a cowboy gun.

I did okay with it on the range. I wouldn't mess with me at 10 yards with it. Haven't tried 15 yet.

I worked on the dryer switch, finally. It stops now, but I can't get it to buzz consistently. I'll have to order another switch from Sears.

We did quite a bit last weekend -- swapped light fixtures in the hallway for better light distribution. We also bought (thanks, mother!) our new Microwave... that actually has a light and a turntable -- and is white, which Vicki likes.

We also had lunch with the Carletons at Buffalo Wild Wings. I had their hottest. I like hot. It was definitely hot. I was impressed. Maybe too hot for everyday. I think their second hottest would be about perfect. We had a lot of fun talking and joking with them while watching Mizzou get their pants whipped off of them by Texas Tech.

Then of course, yesterday we got the news -- head coach Quin Snyder resigned. So tomorrow's game should be interesting. Will this spark them? Will they play better? We'll see.

Aunt Pat called tonight, I think just to talk. That was very nice. Things are looking up for her. She's back out on the golf course, and doing things with friends. Sounds like she's having fun again, and getting ready to travel and visit people this summer.

So a big heidey ho to one of my few readers down there in Florida!

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