Monday, February 13, 2006

Walkabout #4

Went on walkabout with Ryan yesterday. Made fire. Boiled dogs. Fired guns. Watched snow fall (I haven't been walking in the woods while it was snowing since... I'll bet I was a teenager -- it was very pretty). Even took a few pictures (no way!)

Bryan of Colt Forum fame had told me what the correct sight picture was for the old Police Positives, and I figured out what I'd been doing wrong. So I have a much better idea of what's involved in aiming well.

We made fire again. This time I got to do the magnesium thing myself. Not too hard at all. I have a lot of faith in those things now. I bought a special pocket knife just for the magnesium block. They fit on a keychain together. You shave off some magnesium onto some tinder, then use the piece of flint and the back of the blade to throw sparks at the magnesium. It's at least as good as matches, if not better. Just a little less convenient. Much harder to ruin, too.

I brought my little V-8 stove along for the hot dogs this time, just to demonstrate it to Ryan. Worked like a champ, as usual.

Anyway, it was a pretty day. Well, most people wouldn't say so, but we do. It was in the 20's and snowing lightly. It's been forever since I've walked in the woods with snow falling. Very pretty.

You might think we're crazy, but... we get to see stuff like this:

So there!

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