Sunday, February 26, 2006

Quick walkabout

We went down to Cedar Creek to try the .22 pistol out.

This time we built a fire with sunlight and a magnifying glass. We couldn't get a flame using the fresnel lens. I think if we found the right material and tried hard enough, we could. We got crushed leaves to glow, but no flame.

A regular magnifying glass probably focuses more energy onto the same area, so you have more heat to work with.

One thing I learned from Survivorman was that with this type of fire starting technique, you should think of the the "fire" you start first as your match, then once you get a flame light something else easy to catch on fire and transfer it to your stack-o-sticks with more tinder and -- kafoom! Which is what happened today. Worked great.

The .22 was a different story. It misses on several cylinders. I think the firing pin is worn. So, off to a gunsmith with it. It shouldn't take much.

It's much louder than I expected. Shooting the same round out of a rifle sounds more like a cap gun. This pistol has quite the report.

Well.... tax time.

See ya.

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