Thursday, May 08, 2003

Feeling Flush

The toilet and sink are in. And they work. Shelves are up. And I'm calculating where to put the cat door to the area under the stairs. I'll have to remove a piece of a stud, then it can go down by the floor to the right of the toilet in the corner. Ryan has a piece of moulding that will probably do nicely to frame it so it doesn't look like just a hole cut in the drywall. Carpet's stretched. The 4-way switch to the family room doesn't do the 4-way thing like it's supposed to. If the switch at the bottom of the stairs is off, none of the other switches will turn it on. Have to point that out.

They think they can finish up tomorrow. Then tomorrow evening and Saturday, we move everything back down. I'm taking the day off of work tomorrow... maybe I can get the built-in shelves up down there before dinnertime. It will be a busy Saturday moving furniture and stuff... hooking up the TV, etc.. Then off to Mom and Dad's for mother's day.

Got a belt CLIP for a key chain and I'm modifying my Palm Zire holder to have a belt-clip. I hate having to unbuckle my belt to take the palm off. Now it'll be "clip".... "unclip"..... cool. Call me McGyver.

Got some creeping phlox to try again on that slope by the stepping stones out front.