Thursday, May 01, 2003

Plumbing, drywall, paint, carpet

We're in the homestretch. Left them a check for more money this morning. The hose faucet's in the way I want it, and boxed in so you can't see it. The plumber ran the vent out into the garage, up the corner, into the attic and tied into the vent for the kitchen. Now that's what I like.... creative thinking. The toilet and sink plumbing is stubbed up, concrete poured back in place, carpet's ordered and all the flooring came in on my budget guestimate... so I'm pretty happy there. Door frames are being primed. They're pushing to be done by the end of Monday so they can lay the carpet Tuesday and the baseboard can go up wednesday. They said they'll work saturday if they have to. We'll be picking up Mom (Krick) this weekend. She'll have cramped quarters for a few days, and then it's hello new basement.


My new (and first) Palm "pilot" came in. I got one for $61 (with shipping, brand new in the box) off of Ebay. Looks pretty cool. We'll see how much of a pain it is to carry around, update, and how long it'll be before I lose my first stylus. I downloaded a checkbook application for it which I'll install tonight. That's one of the two main reasons I wanted it. The other was the calendar. It's synched with my calendar at work so I can look at it any time. Plus it's also synched with my Outlook Addressbook, notes, and task list. It looks promising.

That's all, probably until Monday... I might try posting from Mom's MSN companion this weekend just to see if I can.